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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Postby admin » Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:28 pm

Welcome aboard the official SBC forum

Feedback would be gratefully received through the forum. We hope you enjoy using it as a tool for communication as well as sharing information and knowledge even selling or buying things so long as it is boat stuff.

Please take the time to register. This will allow you greater access to the forum features. It is free and only takes a moment.

Forum Rules & Guidelines
We don't have many rules but we would ask members to remember this is the official SBC forum and is moderated by that organisation. It is a resource available to all, so please think twice before hitting 'submit'.

Please use a 'user name' which is recognisable to other members, eg a boat name.

Identify yourself by name in each posting so as to add personal security to all concerned and ensure that posts made are genuine.

We will not entertain personal attacks between members, swearing, racist or abusive language or any content of an adult or sexual nature. Offending posts will always be removed and those responsible warned or even banned.

Do not post anything that you would not be happy for your children to read.

Please Note - The views and opinions expressed on this forum are not necessarily those of the SBC. Soar Boating Club do not accept responsibility for any statements made or opinions expressed in this forum.
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